Dr. Bayens appointed as WU Tech dean

Savannah Workman, Journalist

Dr. Gerald Bayens has been appointed the new Dean of Washburn Institute of Technology and pushes for the continuation of providing services to students and staff.

The 1,500 student Washburn Tech campus is searching for new ways to learn and grow its services. Dr. Bayens encourages the continuation of enhancing job success and listening to community needs.

From Bayens’ experience in the field of criminal justice, the sky is the limit in planning new ways to accommodate students. Bayens has acknowledged specific actions such as hiring a campus advocate, career navigators and providing counseling services.

“Upon completion of reorganization and retooling curriculum,” said Bayens. “We will be in better shape to provide a higher level of service to our students. The level of technical education we provide is high value in terms of workforce development. We want to make sure we have mechanisms in place that are constantly assessing our performance.”

In the short term, for spring semester of 2020, Bayens intends to increase staff development, revise curriculum and assessment, and collect job placement data.

“I like to see what the results are of the effort,” said Bayens. “When asked by President Farley to consider the appointment to Dean, it was easy for me to tell Dr. Farley: ‘Yes, I’d love to see these changes through to completion.’”

As a Washburn professor, chair of the criminal justice department for more than 10 years and Associate Dean for five years, Dr. Bayens approaches leadership from a process management and administration point of view.

“I see my primary job as being able to secure the resources and provide the support for the employees here to do their jobs,” said Bayens.

Communication is a simple, effective way to understanding and applying influence that provides long-term, structured and a precise method of affecting change. Bayens learned this trait by holding management positions in local government.

“You have to have knowledge about behavior,” said Bayens. “You also must have knowledge about laws, rules and regulations. You have to wear many hats and understand how to provide relief and support.”

Bayens’ current goal is to apply programs that will be provided in the newly opened Washburn Tech East building. He also plans to establish co-branding partnerships to link students to future employers, and expand technical programs.

“I’m in the twilight of my career at Washburn University,” said Bayens. “I’m confident that I’m still contributing immensely. I feel good about the next three to five years.”

Edited by Adam White, Wesley Tabor