CULT team revitalizes ArtsConnect website

Matthew L. Self, Review Editor in Chief

The ArtsConnect website is getting a makeover! The premier art organization of Topeka will be launching a new website with the help of the local graphic design group known as CULT in March where it will now feature a variety of options that help to demonstrate how our city is growing as an artistically inclined community.

The new updates will greatly improve the current website which functions more as a blog and social media page at the moment. The new website has been described as brand new from the ground up as it will feature art related events from around Topeka, display the work of local artists and provide ArtsConnect with greater legitimacy.

The updates are the work of create/uplift, better known as CULT, which was founded in 2013 and is best described as a creative agency that helps brands expand and engage their audience through content creation. They focus on helping businesses navigate through every facet of marketing, from concept to analysis.

CULT has had a partnership with ArtsConnect since 2016 and has been helping the organization grow, flourish and connect with the arts community in Topeka. They’ve worked together in the past on such projects as Arty Party, Arty Awards, the 130 foot Brown vs Board Mural and more.

“At the end of last year, the ArtsConnect committee voted to rebuild the entire site,” said Tobias Harvey, a founder of CULT. “We’ve been working on the updates for a couple months now and have seen great progress. It’ll be a new home for everything arts related in Topeka.”

CULT got its start helping musicians in the Topeka area. They later branched out to helping artists in other areas as well such as theatre, paintings, murals and performances. Their organization aims to give a boost to local artists due to the benefits it can provide to the city.

“I want to see more advancement between the city and the music community and bridge that gap,” said Harvey. “We’ve been putting together some data as to how an active music community contributes to the city. We’ve looked at Lawrence and Kansas City which have active music every night and are trying to bring that here.”

Nowadays, CULT covers music shows and album releases that primarily benefit people from Wichita and Kansas City. If an artist releases a music video, they write an article on it. Their team built one of the first websites where artists could review music amongst their peers and now help other organizations such as ArtsConnect with their projects.

“The update will be a lot more appealing visually and definitely satisfying people who are already familiar with ArtsConnect and will definitely attract newer people who are not,” said Marcello Gonzalez, a photographer/videographer for CULT. “ArtsConnect has done a lot in the last two years and it’s time to give their website a much needed facelift with updated photos and graphics.”

Other local organizations that have benefitted from CULT’s work include the recently opened Iron Rail Brewery, Topeka Performing Arts Center, the Cyrus Hotel, Jayhawk Theatre and even Washburn University. Some of the services that the organization provided to these local businesses include web design, social media, web development, photography, videography and graphic design.

“I enjoy the final results of our projects that get people excited and showcase what Topeka has to offer,” said Gonzalez. “Whether it’s the music scene or the amazing local businesses we have with my photography or videography. I love when people say ‘wow that’s in Topeka I had no idea’.”

ArtsConnect, which has also recently moved to a new building in NOTO, handles many art-related events in Topeka including the First Friday Artwalk, grant writing workshops and more. ArtsConnect looks to have a stronger presence in Topeka and give local artists the spotlight with their move as well as their upcoming new website.

For more information on create/uplift, feel free to visit their website at to see more of the content they produce and the other organizations they benefit in the Topeka area. They’re always looking for new projects in the Topeka area and provide great information on everything being developed by the beating heart of our city’s artistic community.

Edited by Adam White, Jason Morrison