McQuere leaving as dean of arts and sciences

Lynda Zook Washburn Review

Professor Gordon McQuere will step down as Dean of College of Arts and Science on May 15.  After 11 years, McQuere believes it’s time to introduce someone who can bring new energy and new vision to the position. He will continue on at Washburn, pursuing scholarly interest as a professor in the school of music.

A nationwide search for his successor is well underway. McQuere said he has purposely stayed away from affecting that choice, noting that it should be a decision made by the administration and faculty members.  

During his tenure McQuere participated in the renovation of Stouffer Hall and was instrumental in starting up Aperion at the University. He has also seen a lot of changes in students and the educational environment.

“Take interest in the world around you,” said McQuere. “There is always something there to intrigue, to explore or take delight in.”  

He thinks that today’s students are fortunate to have so much technology at their fingertips. But he worries that they have become too dependent on technology and altered traditional conventions. One example is the use of calculators in math and science. 

“Dependence on technology doesn’t help students always in good ways,” said McQuere. “Students are less able to be independent or show enough true competence.” 

Advice for his successor is to value the people you work with. 

“You should genuinely enjoy working with people,” siad McQuere. “When people enjoy who they work for and with, you have a healthy working environment. It’s hard to go to work in the morning if you don’t enjoy your job.”