Gallery displays works of two artists

“Earring, ZBI Apparel (Fictional).” Hogberg’s work was created with digital photography, Photoshop and Illustrator media. 

With upbringings in a small town in upstate New York, Topeka wasn’t that big of a transition for Jessica Hogberg.

Hogberg has been interested in art for as long as she can remember, filling sketchbooks of various works of people, nature and anything that may have inspired her.

“Self-Expression” is the title of Hogberg’s senior exhibition, located on the second level of the Art Building.

The exhibit was, in part, inspired by Hogberg’s interest in fashion photography that she stumbled upon in a class through the art department.

In a course that covered studio lighting, Hogberg and other students discovered several photography themes and she connected strongly with fashion.

While taking her photos, Hogberg began to wonder what exactly the model felt and enjoyed the interaction.

“I like interacting with the model and that’s kind of where ‘Self Expression’ comes from,” said Hogberg, senior fine arts major. “In graphic design, it’s about the product really and the models with the product, but what I’m exploring is the communication of not so much the product but the actual person, the model.”

While at Washburn, Hogberg has enjoyed a number of other classes in the art department. Darkroom photography and digital photography both taught Hogberg  lessons she can apply outside of the classroom. Graphic design and sculpture are also focuses of Hogberg’s work.

Although this is the first time Hogberg has had her work displayed, she actually has work up at two locations on campus this week. The student show at the Mulvane Art Museum also features two of her digital photography works.

After graduation, Hogberg aspires to attend a graduate program or find work in graphic design either around Kansas City, or to work from home. She’s already been accepted into the graphic design department at Kansas University.

“I just like that interaction with the people to create art,” said Hogberg.

“Self Expression” is located upstairs in the Art Building. Hogberg’s gallery talk will take place at 4 p.m. today, also in the Art Building.

“I think it’s great that there’s student shows,” said Danielle Osterhaus, senior art education major. “It allows you to see what fellow students produce and what they’re capable of. At the same time, it promotes the different classes in which the artwork was created in.”

“Transcension” is Tim Hutton’s senior art exhibition. Hutton’s exhibition is located on the first floor of the Art Building.

“Each piece I create serves as a building block of my skill, a creative stepping-stone for the foundation of my future as an artist,” according to Hutton’s artist statement.

Hutton enjoys creating abstract expressionism, sculpture, photography, digital painting, graphic design, realism, surrealism and Chinese ink painting.

“I love his [Hutton’s] exhibit, it’s really cool,” said Osterhaus. “The vibrant colors that he uses in his digital paintings are very engaging.”

Both exhibits will be displayed at the Art Building through April 19.

The Art Building is located at 1746 SW Durow Drive. Both exhibits are available for viewing  8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.