Brookville Hotel-A unique dining experience

My family and I ate at the Brookville Hotel located one block north of exit 275 in Abilene, Kan.. This place was different from most restaurants, because you don’t order anything from a menu. Instead, they bring a traditional chicken meal straight out to you, and you pass the food around the table family style.

This dinner begins with relishes, sweet-sour cole-slaw and cottage cheese. Then they bring out the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cream gravy, cream corn and biscuits. Finally, for desert, there is home made vanilla ice cream.

Although it isn’t a typical restaurant, it was great food. The chicken is so crispy and very delicious. The baking powder biscuits were very good too. I honestly don’t have a single complaint about the food.

Another cool aspect of this dining experience was the place itself. The Brookville Hotel began back in the 1870’s during the cattle drives from Texas and was originally called Cowtown Café. It was moved to Abilene to increase traffic to the restaurant in 1999.

The rooms look like you have stepped back in time, with wall paper and murals all over the place. The furniture also gives the atmosphere of a old-time hotel. Even the china and the waitresses’ uniforms add to the timely feel.

I recommend this restaurant if you are ever in the Abilene area. It is such a unique dining experience. The food is great, and the family style atmosphere gets you involved. Plus, it allows you to have the option to get as much food as you want. The Brookville Hotel only serves lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday. They do take reservations and I recommend making reservations, because they can only serve 300 people at a time.

For more information visit the Brookeville Hotel website.