Meeting Evil – Netflix Movie Review

Brian Cervantez

Recently I was looking for a movie to watch and I decided to find a movie on Netflix to watch.  I found a movie called “Meeting Evil.”  The movie stars Luke Wilson who plays John Felton.  He is a family man that does not know how to stand up against anyone. Then one day a man name Richie played by Samuel L. Jackson comes to John’s house one day and asked him for help. Shortly after meeting Richie, John is taken on a ride of violence.

I thought this movie was going to be good, but I was not satisfied at all. The reason why is because there was no real background story to John character about him being a family man. I thought there would be some twist and turns that I would not see coming, but it was too predictable.  The story line was lacking, but the two main actors played their parts well.  However I did not like the supporting actors because it seem like they were over shadowed by the main actors.

The cinematography was not all that great because it was shot mostly during the day and there was really no contrasting light except for the last scene that was a night shot while the two main characters are fighting. The music they used was basic because to me it did not give me a serious feeling about what was going on in the movie. I also found myself sometimes not paying attention to the movie at some points because there were dead spots.

Over all the rating for it on Netflix was three and half stars.  My rating would have to be one out of five stars. I give it this rating because the lack of a background story to the main characters. I would of also liked the movie to have more twist and turns, instead of being too predictable. I may not of liked the movie, but don’t take my word for it and check it out on Netflix.