Now you see me – Movie Review

“Now You See Me” follows four magicians who pull off a heist and are quickly on the FBI watch list.

Brian Cervantez

Recently I went to see the movie “Now You See Me.”  The movie follows four magicians who have four great solo acts and they find a card after their show.  After they are recruited, the movie jumps ahead one year in advance.  The magicians are put on the FBI watch list because they pull off a heist during their show. After this happens, the plot thickens and twists more and more as it gets near the end.

This movie was something refreshing and new for me to see, because most movies are not original now and there are a lot of remakes. The cinematography was put together real well because they had a lot of contrasting light and camera angles that made me feel as if I was in the movie.

This was an all star cast line up that played well off each other. Two of my favorite actors in the cast were Morgan Freeman, who played Thaddeus Bradley and Woody Harrelson, who played Merritt Mckinney. These two actors were fun to watch and feel what their characters were feeling. Don’t get me wrong, all the actors were great in this movie and made the story believable. It was a real enjoyable experience and out of ten stars, I would give “Now You See Me” ten out of ten because of how fun it was to watch. I would suggest that if you like magic or some of the actors in the movie, then go check it out.