Game Night brings students to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Andy Vogel, a liberal studies grad student, and Teresa Chiu, a senior majoring in biology and chemistry, play the Korean card game, Stop-Go. The game itself is being played with Japanese hanafuda cards.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center plays host to numerous students over the course of each day, but last Friday it saw a few more through its doors.

The event, a Game Night, saw around 50 students in attendance.

This event was hosted by the International Club and the WU Buddy program, which sets up international students with an American student to help explain things and support them on campus.

Students were able to play games like Jenga and Uno, as well as Go-Stop, a Korean game played with Japanese Hanafuda cards. Playing cards were also on hand, and Texas Hold ‘em seemed to be the game of the night, although, obviously no real money changed hands.

The standard SWRC games like basketball and volleyball were also available, though badminton seemed to be a favorite of the students who showed up, with at least three games going on, sharing the same net. Many students including Reno Huang, an international student from China, took advantage of the rock climbing wall.

“I try to come here [The SWRC] every evening. I love all the sports, but rock climbing has to be my favorite,” said Huang.

The coordinator of International Student Services and the WU Buddy Program adviser, Heidi Staerkel, was in attendance at the event.

“We wanted to do something to kick off the semester, and sports and games are something that seems to translate well across every culture, and so we thought this would be a good way to get everyone together and have some fun,” said Staerkel.

Staerkel asked that anyone who couldn’t attend the event, but is interested in joining the International Club or WU Buddy [organization] can come by the International House, north of Benton Hall. They can also contact her at [email protected].

“My most favorite [part of the event] was seeing so many students turn out and having a great time together,” said Staerkal.