Fall Semester 2013 brings full transition to a new online learning management system

Returning students and faculty at Washburn University and Washburn Tech are adjusting to a new online learning management system: Desire2Learn.

 “When Blackboard Inc. announced their plan to purchase Angel Learning, Washburn’s former online learning system, the search for a new program began in fall of 2012. Desire2Learn was chosen in December of 2012 after the program was recommended to and approved by the Board of Regents. 

The new online learning management system was implemented in January 2013, and faculty began training to use Desire2Learn in April. Angel and Desire2Learn were both used during summer courses; with 70 instructors using D2L to teach 130 classes. Three hundred to four hundred members of faculty are currently trained to use Desire2Learn. Additional training sessions for Washburn faculty to use Desire2Learn will be held throughout the year.” Brenda White, Assistant Director of Instructional Services. 

Students seem to approve of Desire2Learn. Austen Witte, junior business marketing student said, “The layout and functionality of the system will help better student-instructor communication and make it easier for us as students to access important information.” 

Shaunicere` Jones, sophomore elementary education student has similar praises for Desire2Learn. “Desire2Learn has options to help you manage time better because D2L provides due dates, alerts, and all the information you need for a class all in one place.”

Maria Stover, associate professor of mass media, said that her transition from Angel to Desire2Learn has been relatively painless. “I haven’t had any negative experience. My overall experience has been positive,” she said. “D2L is an easier system to teach with than Angel.”