The Washburn Players Stun Their Guests at Their Laser Tag Event

The Washburn Players organization hosted a laser tag and barbeque event at the lawn of the Mount-Vermont apartments on September 12.   The purpose of the event was for the players to be recognized as an active organization on campus.

Bryce Korf, theater major and president of the Washburn Players, believed that the mix of food and entertainment would be enough to bring people to the event.

“It’s basically fun and food. Who doesn’t like fun and food?” said Korf.

Korf believes that the events not only helped with their recruitment goals but with their fund raising goals as well.

Guests were given the opportunity to donate by entering drawings and for their participation of the laser tag games. Donations were not limited to the guests either. The event also received support from the Topeka community. Fundraising chairwoman Lexi Lemons played a key role in communicating with local businesses.

“There was a really great response in asking for donations,” said Lemons.

The Country Harvest Apple Market donated buns for the event and the store None Other donated a $20 gift card. The biggest contribution to the event was the use of the laser tag guns that are owned by a different organization at Washburn.

The Washburn Players originates from the theater department, and one of their goals for the semester is to increase the amount of exposure for the department.  Korf candidly jokes that the only academic field people outside of Washburn ever hear about is the Law School.

“They have a theater department?” said Korf.

If their membership and funding increases the Washburn Players plan to buy scripts and supplies to perform performance sketches around the campus.

“We don’t want to be the people that just do homecoming,” said Korf, “We want to be able to go around campus and do more things.”

The Players hope to create more theater-oriented events for the fall semester like play readings. The Washburn Player will meet again for their biweekly meetings on September 25th at 3:10 p.m. at the theater lobby. For more information about the Washburn Players contact [email protected]