Car Wash for Justice takes a ‘bite’ out of grime

Students from the Criminal Justice association gathered for a car wash in the parking lot of the Bed Bath& Beyond on Wanamaker. Proceeds benefitted the association itself, with funds specifically being allocated towards a group trip to Philadelphia.

On Sunday, Sept. 15, the Washburn Criminal Justice Association put on a fundraising car wash.

The car wash was a way for the association to make some extra money for association expenses and a group trip they are taking later this year. The car wash turned out to be a strong money-raising event for the group. Several people from the Topeka area came out to support the group, which made for a productive day.

Why were they so ready to help, and ready to put themselves to work? For one great reason, to help raise money for their group. They mainly need the money for a trip they will be taking to Philadelphia. This trip allows them to bond as a group and learn about their profession at the same time. This trip is very beneficial to the Criminal Justice Association, and to Washburn. It allows the association to grow in a positive direction, which in many ways benefits Washburn.

Brittany Maes, President of the Criminal Justice Association was leading this fundraising event on Sunday. “The money we get here today will help us with our trip to Philadelphia, and our other association fees,” said Maes. “I really love doing this event. It is a lot of fun and we get to see and meet some new people.”

This hard working group showed good leadership on Sunday. With the assistance of the community, it turned out to be successful.

Tracy Ewert, secretary of the Criminal Justice Association, was also having a good time on Sunday. “Washing the cars is so much fun, but us bonding as a group is a huge benefit,” said Ewert.

There was no doubt that this group was bonding. Knowing that they needed extra money, they all stepped up together to get things done. The leaders of the association took no time on Sunday to get people to the fundraiser and to get their cars washed for them. They showed the community, and Washburn, that they can work together for a common goal.

The 2013-2014 Criminal Justice Association will be working hard all year for their trip, and to pay extra fees. It will be no surprise to see more positive events from this team-based group.