New semester heats up with Scorch on the Porch

On Thursday, Aug. 29 Washburn students and faculty were treated to the first Scorch on the Porch of the semester from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is put on by the Union, Washburn Dinning and the Ichabod Shop.

It is a unique event that offers live music and a $5 meal to go along with it. The Ichabod Shop that always has sales for students on Washburn items. As long as weather permits students are able to get outside, enjoy the day and have a relaxing time with friends.

“Scorch on the Porch is an outdoor concert series that offers the campus an alternative to their daily routine,” said Janel Rutherford, assistant director of Business Services.

The many different activities offered during Scorch on the Porch make it a success. Throughout the concert series they have themed events. Some in the past have been pirate themed, where students get to act like pirates. The teamed ones are always a big hit with students and faculty.

The Scorch on the Porch this past week was a success with students.

“It’s a five dollar meal deal that saved my life,” said Sage Cornelius, junior accounting major.

They served a meal of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad and watermelon slices. Washburn dining also sampled their new smoothies for students.

“It was a nice, hot day and I enjoyed the live music,” said Rosie Henderson, senior psychology major. There will be more events coming soon for students to enjoy if they missed this Scorch on the Porch.