Washburn Law celebrates “Best Law Teacher”

Washburn University School of Law hosted a recognition ceremony and reception Thursday, Sept. 19 at Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center to celebrate Professor Rory Bahadur’s selection as one of the top 26 best law teachers in the United States.

Bahadur is one of the elite law professors, and the only from Kansas, featured in “What the Best Law Teachers Do” (Harvard University Press, 2013). Recognition remarks were given by dean Thomas J. Romig and associate dean Aïda M. Alaka.

“Washburn University and Washburn Law both commit to excellence in teaching,” Romig said.

Romig presented a plaque to Bahadur who thanked everyone present for sharing what he considered his ‘career defining honor’ and spoke of his appreciation to Washburn and colleagues for fostering one of the things he treasures most- Teaching.

“Washburn Law should be honored, not me.” Bahadur said. “Thank you to Washburn for valuing my passion.”

President Jerry Farley was also present for the ceremony referring to Bahadur’s recognition as remarkable.

“One of the things that makes our law school and university different than many is indeed the passion of the faculty members of Washburn,” Farley said, “We are really proud of him.”

And although many present at the ceremony had good things to say about Bahadur, it is the words of the students who attended that most proves such honor deserved.

Meridith Fry, 2L Washburn Law, said when she heard about the award she had no doubt Bahadur deserved such honor.

“You can see the passion he has for wanting us to learn. It comes through every day,” said Iasha Chaudhry, 3L Washburn Law student.

Taylor Concannon, 3L Washburn Law student, explained how Professor Bahadur was her first professor when she came to law school and appreciated how he set a strong foundation for the rest of her schooling.

“He immediately instilled in his students a passion to do well not just for themselves but for him,” said Concannon, “He brings out a side of you so that you want to prepare well and you do not want to let him down.”

Alison Wood, 2L Washburn Law student who also took one of her first law classes from Brahadur stressed that even though he is really great fun and exciting he makes students work really hard.

“It’s an honor well deserved,” Wood said.

Because of Bahadur’s passion for teaching, Michaela Marine, a 2L Washburn Law student hopes to continue to take classes from him even if they do not pertain to future career plans.

“Even if that means I’m taking Maritime law and have no interest in it, I’d probably take it just because he’s teaching it,” Marine said.

President Farley is proud that Washburn Law has always had the same tradition of excellent teaching. With faculty retiring, Farley stressed how much more special it is to see professors such as Bahadur.

“It’s our job to make certain that the faculty that we engage to take their place share all those values to carry on that tradition,” Farley said. “When you compare Bahadur against some of the faculty icons of the law school, he stands right up there with them.”

For more information visit the “best law teachers” website.