Satisfying security level on campus

According to the Washburn police report, in the last few months since school started, no major incident has taken place. Other incidents such as thefts and medical issues have been handled well after having been found or reported.

“We did a pretty good job here when we recognized things we could do and we are pretty satisfied. But we can always make things better. We are trying to make our campus safer,” said Dean Forster, chief of the Washburn University Police Department. “We have numbers of personnel patrolling on the campus and numbers of officers. We have good equipment and we have good policies. We teach a lot of seminars in the classes to the students. I suppose there are some things we always can do more. But I really could not tell you what more we can do than we are already doing now. ”

Maribeth Emmert, a Washburn sophomore majoring in English education, said that she received help from the campus police.

“Last semester in the evening I found a puppy being left outside the SRWC and Art building. I called for help from the police and they helped me find the owner,” said Emmert. Emmert said the level of security on the campus was good and that she felt safe.

The Washburn police has won great approval on campus. “They do a pretty good job here. They patrol all the time and keep an eye on everything,” said Joseph Miller, a culinary major student in the second year.

Even when everything goes well with protection campus police, everyone still needs to pay attention to their own safety. Forster said

“Don’t be out of campus at night if not necessary. Be sure to copy down the certain numbers of belongings. Make sure you don’t leave things unwatched,” Forster said. “We have a lot of problems when students go to the cafeteria with their laptops on the table. They just walk to get their food and leave them there. When they come back they are not there.”

Since the beginning of the school year there have been about 20 cases of theft reported to the police. The stolen property can be laptops, currency, cameras or textbooks. Most of them are found and returned to the owners with the help of the campus police.