Senior art show paints campus

Megan Thompson’s senior art show is on display until Nov. 1 at the Art Building. Thompson’s reception is at 6 p.m. Oct 24.

Mairui Li

Through Nov. 1, Megan Thompson, a senior aiming to obtain a bachelors in fine arts, is presenting her senior exhibition at the art building. Thompson’s interest in art has motivated her to choose to become an artist.

“I have only been interested in art and film for my college experience,” said Thompson.

The topic of her art exhibition is ‘Forms in Nature’. In the gallery, all of her pieces feature either figures or landscapes. Thompson’s exhibit consists of woodcuts, embossment, oil paintings and charcoal. Her inspirations are all from her life.

“I find beauty and rhythm in the natural shapes surrounding me on a daily basis,” said Thompson. “Just by looking around me, being inspired by visuals some people take for granted, a crooked tree, a curvy body or a dry Kansas landscape.”

One of the biggest woodcuts is called ‘Forest’. It describes a sense of looking up into the sky in the forest. In front of the picture, the feeling is just like being in the forest.

“My favorite piece is the piece titled ‘Forest’. I love the sense of depth created by this one,” said a student from a graphic design course who was viewing the exhibit.

The pieces in an art exhibition take a long period of time to prepare.

“You can see my hand at work in all of my pieces, most of the frames are built by hand also,” said Thompson. “It is important to me to find a balance between starting over and finishing what I had started.”

The most difficult problem was the weight of the pieces when hanging them. Even though she used strong fishing line, it still wouldn’t support the pieces because three of the pieces were extra-large and may weigh up to 20 to 25lbs when framed. At last, Megan had to buy strong wire and then the pieces stayed well.

Through the art exhibition, Thompson is showing off her skills and inspirations. However, she also used the time preparing the exhibition to improve herself as an artist.

“It’s always difficult to put yourself out there for critique but it’s how you grow and learn to become a better artist,” said Thompson. “This work represents a rebirth for myself. It is the accrual of many years of grand experiences, ending on the one in which I began and love most of all, art.”

Thompson is a non-traditional transfer student and hopes to continue with her education and get her masters degree at UMKC in Kansas City, Mo.

“It’s never too late to go back to school,” said Thompson.

Her senior art exhibition is located in the gallery at the art building until Nov. 1. The gallery is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Thompson’s reception date is Oct. 24, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.