Ask Raz: Finals

This “Ask Raz” is dedicated to FINALS! Yes, finals are coming quickly. Don’t panic.

I’m writing this column about finals because this is about the time students should be looking toward the last three weeks of the semester. Most of us don’t, unless it’s to scream, flail our arms and drink more Red Bull while becoming progressively more anxious.Breathe. I have good news.

If you’re reading this, you have a jump on the thought process.

Here are several pro-tips for getting through finals unscathed:

1. Put together a “final list” of projects, papers, outstanding assignments and homework. Put it together with dates and times by which you need to have them completed. This gives you a roadmap for which things actually need your attention first, rather than the jumbled up mess you have in your head about what needs to be done first.

2. Look at that list. What is going to take the longest? Will a one-page paper be easier than an 11-page paper? If you can do several of them in short amounts of time, get them out of the way. There is nothing wrong with doing things early, and you just created time for yourself.

3. Speaking of time: you have 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. Bringing priority to your projects will help you get them into perspective. Again, breathe.

4. Papers are generally due before tests. If you get the papers done early, you have more time to study for tests.

5. Ask your teachers for study guides early. A lot of them will say no, or that they haven’t written them yet, but some of them will have them ready to go and give you a jump on the prep.

6. Breathe. No, seriously. Your brain tells your body how to function, including how to panic. The more you calm your nervous system, the easier it will be for you to sleep and retain information.

7. Check off the things on study guides you know. If you know them today, you’ll know them a week from now.

8. Eat well. Don’t binge on BS the last week of school. Your body functions better while balanced.

9. SLEEP! No, really. Being well-rested actually helps you remember what you study.

10. DO NOT CRAM! Look, you don’t learn this way. Some people have the rare ability of being able to absorb large amounts of information two days before a test. The majority of you don’t, especially if you spend the whole time studying in a panic.

Good luck!