Sudents offer finals advice for WU

As the semester draws to an end students begin hearing the dreaded ‘f’ wordfinals. Associated with high levels of stress, finals are fast approaching, leaving students wondering how they are going to study while juggling work and extracurricular activities. No studying technique is right for everyone but there is no harm in doing a variety of different techniques to find the one that works best. 

“I listen to music without lyrics or instrumentals while I read over my notes,” said Mishal Fiaz, freshman at WU. 

Students should find an ideal place to study. This can be in a dorm room or the library. Wherever the place, it should be quiet and have as few distractions as possible. Although students think they can study while the television is on or while texting their friends, the reality is studying in this environment will probably lead to retaining less information.  It is also recommended to keep up on studying throughout the semester and to not procrastinate until the end, thinking that everything can be learned in one night.

“I review my notes each class so the material is fresh in my mind so when I study for tests I already know most of what I am studying, so I can focus on the stuff I do not know,” said Shelbey Allen, freshman at WU. 

Study groups are not necessarily a bad idea. The only situation where study groups are not good is if the group actually does not study and instead goofs around. Again, find a place that has all the necessary materials to study. Mabee Library has rooms in the basement where students can study. These rooms are particularly useful for studying for math as they are equipped with white boards to help students work out complicated equations. Students cannot use the excuse that the library is closed as it is open 24 hours during final weeks.  

“It depends on the subject: If I am reading then I like to have a group, but if I am reviewing math, then I like to study alone,” said Fiaz. 

Everyone has to find what study techniques work best for them as there are numerous ways that can work. Have an ideal place to study, get plenty of sleep and keep on top of studying early on in the semester.