SAGL holds funding and fundraising conference

Student Activites & Greek Life

Student Activities & Greek Life will hold a meeting from 5-6 p.m. Nov. 21 in the Vogel Room. Focus series topics this time will be funding and fundraising for student organizations.

The target audience for this particular focus series is student organizations. SAGL will provide an opportunity for students to receive information about funding and fundraising.

“We are providing fundraising ideas,” said Gary Handy, assistant director of SAGL. “We teach them how to ask for funding from the Washburn Student Government Association, or some of the basic steps on how to appropriately ask some departments on campus to sponsor for an event or particular activities.”

Angela M.Valdivia, office assistant of SAGL, also analyzed the difference between funding and fundraising.

“Funding is getting funded by WSGA. As an organization, you can get money from them by requiring for it,” said Valdivia. “But you have to fill out paper for them and declare the money you want for an event. Fundraising is more about the organization to get money from community or other places.”

Student organizations are always looking for sponsors so they can do more good things for their members. No matter what the outside economy is, it is necessary to learn how to raise funds.

Every organization raises its money differently. Some collect money from members. Others have fundraisers or collect money from departments, which they depend on. Handy said that the Psychology club made a portion of the Psychology department’s budget to help pay for the operation of the organization like paying the speakers, doing T-shirts or providing food for their organization meetings.

But not all organizations have great relationships. Another example Handy pointed out is the Chess club, which is completely independent. In order to operate the club well, they need to collect money from individual members, or do fundraising events.

For student organizations, whether they are connected to a department or not, it is necessary to know some techniques to get money for the organization and to do it in the correct way.

In the conference, students can talk speak about types of fundraising efforts they attempted. And SAGL will provide some best practices they have seen over the years after working with over 130 different student organizations. New ideas of fundraising will also be revealed. In this meeting they will also walk through the process on how to request funding from WSGA and discuss issues, such as like how the tax ID works.

For more information contact:

Gary Handy, assistant director of SAGL.  [email protected]

Angela M.Valdivia, office assistant of SAGL   785-670-2723