Flu Shots offered despite renovation


During the renovation of Morgan Hall, Student Health Services will continue to stay open which is especially important during this season where many students are fighting off colds and the flu.

There have only been a few reported cases of influenza on campus but the local hospitals have seen a significant number of cases recently.

Student Health Services would like to remind students of ways to prevent catching the flu.

“The best way to not catch the flu is to wash your hands. Before leaving the restroom try using a paper towel to open the door instead of grabbing the handle with your hand,” said Tiffany McManis, Student Health Services Nurse Practitioner.

She also recommended that people should “cover their mouth every time they cough using their elbow and practice good hygiene.”

Of course one of the best preventive measures to avoid catching the flu is to get a flu shot. It is recommended that individuals receive the flu vaccine annually. It is best to receive the shot in mid to late fall so that the effects last through the peak of flu season

Student Health Services will remain in their current office through the rest of this year. The approximate moving date for this office is July 2015. Once the office is moved and the remodeling has been completed, Counseling Services and Student Health Services will both be located in the same office.

Student Health Services will be located in the west wing of the office space and Counseling Services will have their office in the east wing of the office. The two offices will share a waiting room. The waiting room will be expanded during the remodeling so that there is enough space for students to sit when they are waiting for appointments in either one of the two offices.

With the sesquicentennial quickly approaching, the staff members are hoping the construction can stay on track and be completed on time. After the remodeling and renovation, students should find their visits to Student Health Services and Counseling Services more convenient.

With the peak of flu season students are encouraged not to let the renovation stop them from taking care of themselves and to schedule an appointment for a vaccination soon.

Flu vaccines are now available in Student Health Services and the cost is only $10 to Washburn students. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Student Health Services at: (785) 670-1470.

To read more about the flu visit: