First Year Experience at Washburn University: Scholar Awards Ceremony postponed

Mairui Li, junior major in accounting and finance, Qiujie Li, Senor major in Mass media.

First Year Experience is a program that supports the freshman in their first year in Washburn University.

“It helps students transmission from high school to college.” said Dr. Bearman, Dean of university library. “Many college students drop off after their first year. Almost 50% students couldn’t finish their college. Most of them didn’t finish the first year.”

As 87% American colleges has FYE (First Year Experience) program, Washburn started this program from last year.

“We started this program last year, however we have prepared for three years,” said Dr. Bearman.

WU 101 course is a part of FYE program. This course will help students successful at Washburn University. It introduces the information about Washburn such as associations, events, history and so on.

In the portfolio, one student said: “I would say that my first semester at Washburn was a success, I was able to adjust to the new atmosphere and embrace it instead of pushing it away. This experience will give me the confidence to continue at Washburn and know that everyone here is here to help me.”

 “From WU101, I’ve learned a variety of helpful skills that will prepare me for my future university endeavors. I’ve learned the importance of information literacy, the history of Washburn University, the amount of help available on campus, and a great overview of how to be successful in my classes,” another student said.

The FYE Scholar Awards is an award for the student who is successful their first year at Washburn University. The ceremony was to be held tonight, Wednesday, Feb, 5, but the event was cancelled and postponed due to the winter storm. Details to follow later about a new date.

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