150 Forward Campaign spring kickoff stalled

Ivan Moya

Due to inclement weather, the Emporia v. Washburn University basketball game did not feature the 150 Forward Campaign event. The basketball games were part of the 150 Forward Campaign’s plan to educate more students on what they will do.

The 150 Forward Campaign is a fundraising campaign for Washburn University that raises money for scholarships, faculty and programs for the welcome center. It will be promoting the upcoming developments to the University campus, which will include the renovation of Morgan Hall. The building will undergo changes to comply with the goal of creating a new welcome center at Washburn. The new welcome center will group offices like admissions and financial aid nearer and add new amenities as well.

“It will be a one-stop service center where students can get all of their questions answered at one place,” said Mazachek. “There’s no place to study in Morgan. There are a number of new study places that will be a part of the project.”

The 150 Campaign will also fundraise for a completely new law school. The new law school will be located at the corner of 21st street and Washburn Avenue. It will be 153,000 square feet of space that will include a new library and courtrooms. The four-year campaign hopes to raise $100 million by 2016. So far, around $59 million has been raised.

As part of the spring launch for the campaign, Washburn University foundation hoped to feature a half time show which would include a four minute presentation with brief remarks from Dr. Farley and Dr. JuliAnn Mazachek, president of the Washburn University Foundation.

“The biggest part for us is having the student participation and having them there in their t-shirts then actually display that maybe they begin to understand what the 150 Campaign is all about,” said Mazachek.

The intention of the event is to educate students about what the 150 Forward Campaign is. The fall portion of the campaign started in October and focused more on the Washburn alumni and community members. The basketball game was planned to be the focus of the spring campaign. Additionally the Foundation wants to increase the student support for the Ichabod home games.

“We’re hoping to make students more aware of what we’re trying to do and to understand why it’s so important to them. Because really students are the beneficiaries of the work we’re doing,” said Mazachek. “The plan of the future is to have regular events of the students for every semester.”

For more information about the 150 Forward Campaign visit: www.givetowashburn.org/campaign