LEGO Movie builds us expectations in theaters

Princess Unikitty, Benny the Spaceman, Emmet, Batman, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle are the main team in the LEGO Movie. Throughout their quest they learn to work together to take down the evil empire of Lord Business.

The “LEGO Movie” is fantastic, from start to finish it’s a joyous thrill ride filled with humor, romance and, shockingly enough, a moral about believing in yourself as well as a statement on the nature of order versus chaos.

The film follows Emmet, a generic construction worker minifigure on his journey through multiple realms in an effort to stop Lord Business from bringing about the end of the world. Each of these realms represents a major LEGO theme ranging from the old west to the pastel “girl’s” set and even Bricksburg, the main metropolis from the LEGO City sets.

The humor in the movie is fantastic, taking advantage of LEGO’s rights to other properties like “Harry Potter,” DC Comics, “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” to introduce characters from those franchises to Emmet and his crew and then put the whole lot of them into strange and hilarious circumstances.

The voice acting falls prey to the recent movie trend of getting celebrity actors known for live action roles rather than actual established voice actors.

The most notable of these celebrities is Morgan Freeman as the blind, wise sage character, Vitruvius. All the voice acting is well done but a special mention has to go to Will Ferrell, who is usually a comedic actor, giving a beautiful delivery of a set of emotional and serious lines.

The music for the film is extremely well done as well. Tegan and Sara teamed up with The Lonely Island for the extremely catchy main song “Everything is Awesome.” The song is such an ear worm that I’m still humming it days later.

Former Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh composed the score which does an excellent job hyping up awesome moments and accentuating the emotional scenes.

The film’s story and animation are both great as well. The story usually plays fast and loose with logic, instead of relying on humor and wow factor, though  when the film takes a break from laughs and wows it can really touch a person emotionally.

The Animation follows certain rules of LEGO, if you will. Things don’t stretch or bend the way they would in a typical cartoon, instead staying rigid to emulate the plastic the world is built on.

The animation of liquid and rubble is particularly clever, relying on 1×1 round stud blocks. While the film is made using 3-D animation, it’s done in a style that makes you believe it’s real.

The stop motion effect, in particular, is a nice touch as it is a nod to the thousands of fan-made LEGO videos that actually employ the technique.

All in all, “The LEGO Movie” is well worth your time and money. It’s a treat for both kids and adults, with jokes for both.

The animation, writing, voice acting and music are all top- notch.  If you haven’t seen the LEGO Movie yet, you’re robbing yourself of a wonderful experience.