Womyn Rising Conference is born at Washburn University

This Saturday, on February 15, for the first time in history, Washburn will host the first ever Womyn Rising Conference, an event that will bring women from all over Kansas together to discuss issues affecting women worldwide and more specifically women in Kansas.

The event is free for everyone and registration is available online and at the event at 9:30 a.m. The event will bring together women politicians, writers, professors, students and many more.

WU student Stephanie Mott is has worked with Capital City Now, the WU Women’s and Gender Studies Department, the YWCA and other organizations to bring this prestigious event to campus and have it available to the community “We will be discussing the things that women need to talk about, but seldom do. Things like domestic violence, human trafficking, and reproductive health. It’s important for students to attend because these are things that will affect them, their friends, sisters, mothers, and children.” said Mott.

The conference will have 17 talks throughout the day with topics ranging from an array of diverse topics including racial justice, voting laws, women in journalism and will even have a writing workshop in the afternoon session.

Washburn’s very own Professor Sharon Sullivan will be giving a talk titled ‘Slavery is a Feminist Issue” in the morning session and is very excited for the knowledge that will be shared at the conference “There is a wonderful variety of panels.  The fact that this is a free conference means that everyone can participate. It’s a terrific opportunity for our students.” said Sullivan.

For more information on the conference, sessions and registration, please visit www.womynrisingtopeka.org