Washburn celebrates 149th Birthday

Doctor Farley and Ichabod mascot gave out cupcakes in the Memorial Union on Feb. 6 for Washburn’s 149th Birthday

Doctor Farley and Ichabod mascot gave out free cupcakes at 11 am on February 6, in the main level of memorial union to celebrate Washburn’s 149th birthday.

“Next year will be the 150th birthday of Washburn, which is the sesquicentennial for Washburn. This is kind of a count down for that celebration. It’s an exciting time for Washburn. Next year will be pretty cool,” said Amanda Hughes, assistant director of university relations, also the organizer of Founders day events

At 11:30 a.m., Doctor Farley showed up and then delivered a speech about the history of Washburn.

“As you know today is Founders day,” said Farley. He then asked people present what year Washburn was founded. “Somebody has to know this,” Farley said. 

“Just think what it was like 149 years ago…our first building was not on this side,” said Farley.

Washburn University was established on February 6, 1865 as Lincoln College by a charter issued by the State of Kansas and the General Association of Congregational Ministers and Churches of Kansas

“At that time, we already established, as the original founders had already hoped, that this school should be a school of opportunity. We had people of colors; we had women here on this campus. And we honored that tradition down to the death,” said Farley.

“We must accept that now this is our responsibility to pass on that legacy to the next generation. And each of us can do that each of day by our actions, by our thoughts,” he added. “So when you are talking about Washburn, let them know what we stand for. Let these people have the opportunity to experience Washburn.”

Then Doctor Farley informed people about the other events on Founders day.

“There are lots of things happening today. There are sales downstairs in the bookstore. We have cupcakes today and many activities going on.”

Doctor Farley won prolonged applause after his speech and then he had the first bite of the cupcake, which had the sign of Washburn’s 149th birthday on it. Following the bite, Doctor Farley and Ichabod mascot served cupcakes to others.

“Congratulation to Washburn for turning 149. I think it’s great that the university has been here for so long and it’s such an established part of the community,” said Elaine Lewis, who works at Washburn.

In honor of Founders day there was the Lincoln Lecture, Washburn Swag, and Ichabod Shop deals in addition to the free cupcakes.