WU teams up with SALT to teach skills for life

Washburn has teamed with SALT to bring students and alumni a money-saving program that has an amazing amount of benefits that most people never knew they had.  

SALT helps students make better decisions with spending, saving and borrowing money. They can help graduating seniors paying off student loans or alumni out in the real world trying to balance a budget while paying for student loans. 

“SALT helps those with student loans, but it’s got so much more,” said Kayla Herl, a junior nursing major and SALT ambassador.

SALT is also for those who have never taken out student loans, offering guidance on budgeting and saving, it shows how to set and achieve goals, and will even tell when a goal is not achievable in a given time span.

As a promotion to get people aware of its benefits, SALT is running a contest, or “SALT War,” between different departments on the Washburn University and Washburn Tech campuses until April 14. At the end of the “war,” someone will win $500.

To enter the contest, students need to sign up for SALT; this only takes a few minutes. Then follow the rules to complete a lesson ensuring entry into the contest. There are 13 lessons which give 13 different chances per person to enter the contest for a $500 prize.

Student ambassadors will be making their way around both campuses, walking around in SALT logo T-shirts during the contest. They will be involved in events and will have a lot of information to dispense. They will also be passing out “swag” to students to help get the word out.  

“We hope to do some fun things,” said Nathaniel Higdon, senior biology and business major and an ambassador with SALT.

SALT wants students to help show their SALT profile a little love. If they haven’t yet, they should answer a few questions to get more tools, tips and articles made just for them and the financial issues that matter in their lives.

“Don’t let the stress of school keep you from getting SALT help,” said Herl.  “Not only are you getting all the help, but you are entering these cool contests.  It’s really worth it.”

SALT has a list of all the scholarships from New York to California, including Topeka. They can show you what is out there for you and help you with the process.  

With no fees, SALT is  better than free because it is a source of money.  It gives access to a nationwide search for scholarships and gives you the information on which ones you can apply for.  One woman actually paid off her student loans with the scholarships she received through help from SALT.  This free advice is available 24/7 on their website blog.saltmoney.org

SALT gives one-on-one connections with a student loan expert who can help make the best decisions for students. SALT gives incentives and deals to cope with your current costs, including the cost of living.  

SALT was created by American Student Assistance, which has been around for 56 years. Their aim is to enable students and alumni to manage and repay debts. They equip students with money skills for life as they reduce their student loan debt.

Visit blog.saltmoney.org for more information or join at saltmoney.org/washburn

Students can also follow SALT on facebook.com/saltmoney or @SALT_money on Twitter.