Burger Stand catering to college students

Assistant manager Cyndie delivers food to customers at the bar during lunch rush. College students get their food at half-price every Monday.

When it comes to restaurants, everyone has their own opinion to what is good around the Topeka area, after days of asking and interviewing results may be a little more one-sided than anyone thought.

When it comes to the best place for not only a college student hangout but also a good restaurant atmosphere, the Burger Stand is the place to be. The establishment is cut into two areas, the restaurant and the pong bar.

“Burger Stand, hands down,” said Susan Bandy, Washburn Law student. “It’s a really chill bar. You can get food, play some pong and of course, have a go at trivia night.”

Trivia night happens every Sunday. Anyone can come compete as a group against other groups for prizes.

“Ping-pong and pool, you can’t go wrong,” said James Kirkwood, a new Washburn grad. “I love going to karaoke on Fridays, not only that but they’re starting up Super Smash Brothers tournaments every Sunday night.”

Super Smash Bros, a Nintendo fighting game was very popular to gamers of the early 2000s and hasn’t changed today. The game broke sales records and started up more tournaments than any other.

The restaurant grabs the attention of its customers with the smart events they bring in for the college aged crowd. The evening events aren’t the only perk bringing in students to the Burger Stand, their food and bar service has also been found to be top notch.

“I know most of the bartenders, they’re the coolest group of people I know. They’re always fast and correct with their orders,” said Bandy.

“They are a little bit expensive, but with the quality food they serve it’s expected,” said Patrick Artzer, a frequent Burger Stand customer.

The Burger Stand serves the highest quality food they can purchase locally, which causes a slight increase in prices. Patrick Norwood has been an employee for over a year and has not been disappointed with his employment.

“A lot of what we serve here is home grown right in Kansas,” said Norwood. “So, the prices may be a bit higher than other places but our quality won’t be beat. We also have discounts for students and teachers.”

College students get their food at half-price every Monday. Students and teachers get a 10% discount off their meal for showing their Washburn iCard throughout the rest of the week.