Washburn holds round two of summer New Student Orientation

Washburn University welcomed another round of students and parents on Wednesday, May 24 for summer New Student Orientation. All around campus orange SOCs could be seen floating around; Summer Orientation Counselors donned in orange t-shirts rushing around to make everyone feel at home.

The energy of the SOCs appeared high as they led soon-to-be Ichabods around campus to experience the different elements of what would be their future home of learning.

Alex Crume has been a summer student orientation counselor for three years now. He said they range from eight to 10 student orientations every summer. 

“This year we have nine,” said Crume. “This is the second we’ve had this summer.”

A successful college experience at Washburn University often begins with New Student Orientation. This event is geared to help prepare students with information and opportunities to help them be successful their first year.

During summer orientations students are not only provided with classroom learning expectations, but get the chance to meet with faculty and current students. Students are able to go ahead and register for their first semester courses, find out about campus activities and organizations, take yearbook photos and student iCard photos, and of course eat a free lunch.

After Wednesday’s student orientation free lunch, students remained in Washburn Room A/B for an information session, Q&A and participated with the SOCs in singing the school fight song. 

At one table in the corner sat a group of students and parents who appeared especially excited. One future Ichabod could barely remain in her seat and was quick to answer the question as to why she was considering Washburn.

“It’s a great school,” said Enzi Hedges, from Lawrence, Kan. “It’s really nice and they care.”

Her friend, Trisha Gomel, also from Lawrence, said she is really excited about attending Washburn because ‘it looks like a really fun environment and it’s going to be a great learning place.’

Both students previously attended Lawrence Free State high school and explained what they thought about their experience at Washburn’s New Student Orientation. Hedges was surprised to find it better than she expected and not boring. Gomel agreed.

“It’s been fun,” said Gomel. “Everyone is really energetic and happy about it.”

Angie Powers, a parent, said she really liked the orientation. Powers who teaches at Olathe Northwest High school was impressed with Washburn’s approach.

“I’ve been through this at KU and this is so much better,” said Powers. “It’s more personalized and they definitely want them (the students) to know ‘hey, we care about you, you’re not just another number.”

When asked if they were bothered by the construction going on campus, the answer was no.

“We don’t mind at all,” said Gomel.

There are six more new student orientations remaining this summer. The next two sessions scheduled May 30 and June 10 are full, but registration is still open for sessions June 12, June 17, June 10 and June 27.

Visit www.washburn.edu/admissions/orientation for more information about registration.