Study tips for finals

For years Washburn has offered students free pizza in Mabee library during Success Week to help students as they prepare for finals.

Finals week can be tough and challenging as a student, but there are many ways to be successful during one of the most important times of the semester. No need to stress because there are some big tips that can overcome the obstacles of studying.

The first tip of studying for finals is to be organized, because being organized will help a student tremendously. For example, if organized at taking and finding notes can help identify key words and problems for the exam. Organization not only helps with easily finding important papers it helps with memorizing dates, names, formulas, important cases, events, and whatever is needed to get the grade desired on a final exam.

“Being organized has helped me to consistently be very successful in my college career, sticky notes to quiz myself, power points, and binders to keep my work where I need it so I can have easy access to the notes I need for final exams,” said Lilliana Lira a junior majoring in legal studies.

The second successful tip is to get enough sleep and avoid cramming for a test because according to scientific research if a student retains between 7-8 hours of sleep their brain is more likely to recover and store memory better. (For more information about sleep and how it affects health visit:

Good sleep along with eating healthy foods such as at least 2 cups of vegetables and fruit any of your choice can reduce stress. For example fruits such as oranges, lemons, and tangerines reduces stress and boost immune system and lower stress hormones and blood pressure during high-anxiety circumstances.

The third success tip is to stay away from stressful people and study in places where there are less distractions. Friends are awesome to have in college, but sometimes you have to separate yourself from the distractions and handle business during finals week.

To many Washburn students the perfect place to study is often Mabee Library. During finals week WSGA provides students with more than 30 boxes of pizzas and energy drinks to contribute to the students. Free food and free drinks are always a plus when studying for that final exam.

“The free food helps us students to continue to study longer because some of us need that food to fuel our fatigue from studying so long,’” said Tevin Geddis, sophomore majoring in sports management.

The final tip for staying successful during finals week is to exercise. It doesn’t have to be for hours, but a nice walk, jog, or run is good enough to allow the body to get the good sleep which stimulates the brain to help store memory.