‘Maleficent’ continues to top charts

“Maleficent” released May 30 became the most seen movie in the world after its opening weekend. It initially brought in $100 million during its first weekend and has added more than $81 million since according to the box office.

“Maleficent” is a 97 minute Disney film about Maleficent, who is previously known as the villain in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” However, this PG rated film tells a version of the story through the life of Maleficent. The movie begins when Maleficent is just a young fairy who meets a human boy. The beginning describes the battle between the human and magical kingdoms that reside next to one another. After some betrayal events in the beginning, Maleficent is set down the path of revenge, which leads to her casting the curse on Princess Aurora.

Angelina Jolie plays the grown up Maleficent in this film. I believe that Jolie’s performance was spot on. It was incredible and feels like the part was specifically designed for her. Jolie’s characterization of Maleficent made this character and movie a success in my eyes.

Elle Fanning’s performance as Princess Aurora was pretty good too. Fanning was able to show that Aurora is a loveable character. However, her role was not as significant in the film, so we did not see a lot more depth from her character. Instead, the focus was more on Maleficent’s character and her character development throughout the film.

The criticisms I had with this film where minor. The three fairies animation was unimpressive to me because it did not match the other quality of the other animation throughout the movie. Yes, the fairies did look like their human counterparts, but it seemed like the animation was totally out of place compared to the beauty of the rest of the animation presented in the film.

I also did not like Maleficent’s costume during the battle scene of the film. It reminded me of Cat Woman, and the full body leather outfit was defiantly not the style that matched the rest of the costume design within the movie.