The Washburn Review

Senator Bob Dole was Honored with a Statue at Washburn University

September 30, 2018

Sen. Bob Dole was honored with a statue on Friday, Sept. 28 at Washburn University. The university celebrated Dole’s lifetime achievements as one of the university’s most contributed alumnus.The statue resides in front of Carn...

Shyannah Burns, president and founder of Young Americans for Liberty.

Young Americans for Liberty

September 3, 2018

Opinion-Cambridge Analytica mess unsurprising

Whitney Clum

March 27, 2018

It’s time for another round of grumbling about Orwell’s “1984” becoming reality. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has added fire to the privacy debate, but does the outcome even matter?Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook-con...

Q&A petitions Washburn over gender identities

Sarah Miller

October 16, 2017

Please select gender: male, female, non-binary?Washburn University Queers & Allies, a student organization focused on raising awareness for those that are negatively affected by gender norms, has started a petition for the unive...

Italian parties experience power shift, PM advocates for unity

Andrew Shermoen

April 6, 2017

As Theresa May moves forward with the United Kingdom’s plans to withdrawal from the European Union, the remaining 27 member states met this past weekend in Rome to celebrate the Union’s 60th anniversary. While at the event...

Students and professors react to election

Brenden Williams

November 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton still leads Donald Trump in the popular vote by over 750,000, but with protests raging from the East Coast to the West Coast, president-elect Trump has still won the presidency by way of the electoral college.Mark P...

OPINION: Irresponsible reporting destroys national integrity

Jackson Hermann

November 8, 2016

The mainstream media’s coverage of the national election has contributed to false notions and contradictory ideas that are compromising our democratic values.PolitiFact, a project ran by the Tampa Bay Times, is dedicated to f...