The Washburn Review

Art Department Presents Work in Augmented Reality

Whitney Clum

February 4, 2018

Even homework looks appealing when it’s in 3D. A combined effort from the Graphic Design 1 class, C-TEL, and 712 Innovations demonstrated that despite its sci-fi sensibilities, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are no longe...

‘Pokemon GO’ gets our generation outside, active

Lisa Herdman

July 22, 2016

Video games are making their way to the outdoors – and at an alarming rate. With the release of "Pokemon GO" in the United States July 6 for Android and IOS systems, players can use their phones to "capture" wild Pok...

Augmented reality headset begins development

Andrew Shermoen

March 11, 2016

The Meta 2 is a new augmented reality headset that just recently became available to pre-order for $949. This headset differs from others by simply adding virtual images into the real world. In that way it is similar to the ...