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Professors should use textbooks more

Review's View January 28, 2008

With the start of school comes new pens, notebooks and, of course, textbooks. The regular grumble about textbooks usually surrounds the bookstore. Students often come away from buying textbooks with...

Guest Columnist

Chelsea Chaney December 10, 2007
I have served on WSGA as a senator for nearly three years. During that time, I have heard many a complaint come through that office from students. Topics have included things like smoking on campus, food quality, recycling, etc. However, this year the office has been swarmed with complaints about the parking situation on campus. Students have called complaining about how they have been unable to find any place to park and how it is absurd that they have to walk up to 10 minutes in order to get to class. Personally, I think everyone who is complaining about parking is overreacting. Yes, we have just more than 7,000 students attending Washburn right now. However, not all of those students are on campus at once. Washburn's parking lots can hold several thousand vehicles, which is more than enough to accommodate student parking. There is no reason someone looking for parking cannot find a spot. The catch is you might have to search for a bit or park a little further away than you might like to. Parking is free on this campus, which is something uncommon for most colleges. If one looks at parking on other campuses, they will find that its expensive (to the tune of several hundred dollars a year) and that most students at those campuses will still tell you that finding a parking spot is troublesome. I think it's great that Washburn offers free parking and that it also does a good job about maintaining and operating the parking lots. The parking lots are monitored security cameras; the police patrol the parking lots and are also very helpful with unlocking and jump starting cars for students. The best part about all theses services is that they are free to students. If students are really going to complain because they cannot find a parking lot close to their classroom, take a few minutes to plan out your day better. If it has been taking you 10 minutes to find a parking spot close to your class room, then travel to the other side of campus and find a spot quickly and spend the 10 minutes normally used for searching to walk to your classroom instead. Parking on this campus is guaranteed in the respect that students will always be able to find a spot. There is, however, no guarantee that the spot you find will be close to your classroom and that's OK. This campus isn't large any means. It's only 1/2 a mile across, which means it shouldn't take anyone longer than 10 minutes to walk across campus. So from now on, take a little more time to plan out your day and don't be afraid to walk a little bit in order to get to class. Besides, a little walking never hurt anyone. Patrick MuenksWashburn student

Vote – our generation depends on it

Elise Short December 3, 2007

Be informed. A call has been made to our generation, and that call is to be informed and vote. I've had the opportunity to learn this lesson firsthand by taking a course taught by Dr. Bob Beatty, titled...

All we actually need is… reality

Paul Goebel December 3, 2007

Something I've been seeing lately here on campus has got me thinking about a question that is a quandary to philosophers and thinkers everywhere: What is reality? The thing that piqued my interest...

Credit cards threaten college students

Kylie Croley December 3, 2007

What is your biggest fear? This is a common interview question that students hear when applying for programs, internships and jobs. It is usually followed with a common answer, such as death. But I...

Heap up on side dishes

Jeannine Snyder November 19, 2007

Don't eat the turkey. It sounds simple enough, yet once everyone sits down at the dining table, things may not be so straight-forward. Peer pressure may set in coupled with the flavorful aroma wafting...

How to quit smoking for holidays

Melissa Treolo November 19, 2007

Oh the heavenly delights of smoking. First the initial light-up, and then you are just milliseconds away from the bliss that comes from inhaling and then exhaling that oh so lovely, nicotine saturated,...

‘Call of Duty’ deploys to modern day battlefields

'Call of Duty' deploys to modern day battlefields
Travis Perry November 6, 2007

From the beaches of Normandy to the sands of North Africa, Activision, partnered with Infinity Ward, has taken gamers on a long path through the storied past of World War II. Now, after creating what many...

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