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Community member Karen Pope holds a message at her side at TPAC to show support for local policemen.

Us and Them

September 2, 2020

Kansas Leadership Center sparks conversation on gun safety

Matthew L. Self

November 12, 2019

The debate over proper gun legislation has been raging for many years now. Recently those debates have taken on a greater urgency as the rise of mass shootings has pushed gun safety to the forefront of American minds. But a...

Wyatt Earp expert Mark Warren presents ‘Promised Land’ at Topeka Public Library

Matthew L. Self

November 5, 2019

For those who have an interest in the history of the Wild West and one of its most legendary characters, Wyatt Earp, there will be an upcoming lecture at the Topeka Public Library hosted by the renowned author and historian Mark ...

Turning point conversation highlights positive changes in Topeka

Matthew L. Self

September 7, 2019

Last week on Sept. 5, a group of panelists led by Ruben West held a conversation at the Capitol Plaza Hotel to talk about the future of Topeka. The others were Taylor Buckley, S.J. Hazim and Jenny Torrence. Each of the pan...