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Author Jack Carr latest novel,

‘Savage Son’ a cut above

Nicholas Solomon
June 2, 2020

‘The Way Back’ pulls its punches

Nicholas Solomon
May 15, 2020
Heat: While boasting excellent action, the rest of Netflix's 'Extraction' is forgettable and not worth writing home about. Pictured is Chris Hemsworth as merc Tyler Rake  

Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ review

Nicholas Solomon
May 1, 2020

“Hippie” by Paulo Coelho (2018)

A reflection and summary from a novel novelist, Paulo Coelho.
April 1, 2020

‘Altered Carbon: Resleeved’ Review

Nicholas Solomon
March 24, 2020
'Jojo Rabbit' sticks the landing

‘Jojo Rabbit’ sticks the landing

Nick Solomon
February 10, 2020
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