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Need a drink?: (From left to right) Darlene Palmer, Marie Carter and Rosalyn Carr showed up for Juneteenth representing Sigma Gamma Rho. They brought plenty of cold water for anyone who needed a drink.
Juneteenth at Hillcrest Community Center
Matthew Self, Senior Editor • June 22, 2021
Through the years: Washburn
Then and now: Washburn's campus
Madison Dean, Editor-in-Chief • June 22, 2021
graphic says art, music, shopping, Friday, June 18
Bod Brief: Band to entertain at NOTO Night Out
by Jack Smith, Student Media Intern • June 18, 2021
Summer is almost here: With a new season approaching, we are reminded of the phrase, "Carpe diem." This Latin phrase means, "seize the day." Horace, a Roman poet, used this in his published work from 23 BCE. He wanted to convey that individuals should enjoy life while they can.
Throwback Thursday: "Seize the Day"
Madison Dean, Editor-in-Chief • June 17, 2021
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Seek Cover: The tragic arrival of a tornado on June 8, 1966 changed the face of Topeka for years to come. "And Hell Followed With It" describes this harrowing tale in detail.
Book Review : "And Hell Followed With It" delivers gripping first-hand accounts of 66' Tornado
Matthew Self, Senior Editor • June 24, 2021
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100 Minus 3: Barbara Waterman-Peters stands by her artwork which she titled "Lilies". Art pieces submitted by other artists are arranged behind her as well in the Rita Blitt Art Gallery.
Artists in town and abroad donate work to upcoming Mulvane art auction
Matthew Self, Senior Editor • June 1, 2021
From across the water: "The Moors" is a riveting play focused on themes of dark comedy and power. Get your tickets now as there is limited seating.
Washburn Theatre presents: The Moors
Journie Davis, Reporter and Photographer • April 6, 2021
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