Washburn University offers wellness program for employees

Members of the Movement for Improvement walk around campus during lunchtime. Movement for Improvement is for faculty and staff members of Washburn and Washburn Tech. 

The Movement for Improvement exercise program is underway on Washburn University’s campus. This program was designed for faculty and staff of both Washburn and Washburn Tech. Faculty and staff members were eligible to register for this program up until May 30. The program started June 2 and will run until July 27.

Coletta Meyer, employee wellness coordinator, supervises Movement for Improvement.

“Movement for Improvement is to get employees to participate in exercise more throughout the week,” said Meyer.   

According to the Challenge Details, there are no predetermined or scheduled activities. Exercise is done on one’s own and an activity is the only exercise involved.

“I have participated every year since the inception of it,” said Debbie Vinning, administrative specialist for the vice president of administration and treasurer.

The activity log can be downloaded online from the employee wellness website. Employees then just have to email their completed exercise logs to Meyer every Monday.

There are three different exercise goals that employees can strive for based on their personal preferences. These three levels are  more active, which has a goal of 80 minutes of exercise per week, heart healthy, which has a minimum of 160 minutes of exercise every week, and the third goal available is weight loss, which has a goal of at least 225 minutes of exercise every week.

Employees are encouraged to “do more exercise and not just physical activity” according to Meyer.

Exercise is considered an activity that is planned, structured and repeteted. Something done in addition to physical activity that is just normally part of a person’s normal routine.

Employees will have the chance to win prizes during their time participating in the program. If they log at least one hour of activity in a week, their name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $10 in Bod Bucks. This drawing will be held every week throughout the eight weeks that the program runs.

The employees will also be able to win prizes at the conclusion of the program if they achieve certain milestones. According to the Movement for Improvement activity log, participants will be eligible to win prizes if they log at least 640 minutes, or eight hours of exercise throughout the program. If participants log at least 640 minutes, they will be able to choose between a knit beanie cap or a t-shirt as a prize. If they log at least 1,280 minutes, they can choose a t-shirt, umbrella or backpack. Participants that log 1,800 minutes or more, they will be able to choose a t-shirt, umbrella, backpack or a 3-in-1 emergency tool kit.

“It’s just an incentive to keep you moving,” said Vinning. 

Participants are able to exercise together to help them achieve their activity goals each week. Meyer recently planned an activity in which several participants met up at the bell tower on campus and went for a walk together over the lunch hour.

Movement for Improvement is held on an annual basis in June and July. There is no limit to the number of people who are able to participate. The program currently has about 170 participants.