Bogus gift card emails being sent around campus

I’ve had several people contact me about an e-mail purporting to be about a $100 Amazon Rewards survey giftcard. The e-mail itself isn’t legitimate and doesn’t come from Amazon. I’m not entirely sure what their goal is, but I’d presume it’s to get your credentials.

If you have supplied account information to the site in the message I’d advise you to manually type in in a web browser, log into your account, and change your Amazon account password, then contact me to see if we need to take further actions.

We’re getting more e-mails trying to get people to go to sites hosting malicious software, so far we’ve seen these in the form of:

· Notification that someone has performed a background check on you

· JC Penny $100 gift card

· Walmart $100 gift card

It appears these are being targeted to limited numbers of users, I’m expecting to see numerous additional variations as well. We’re looking into what we can do about these and working with Microsoft to see how they can help our response.

If you have additional concerns feel free to contact me as well.


Kevin Halgren

Assistant Director – ITS Systems and Network Services &