Ichabod Shop now open for business

Ichabod Shop employees surf the stacks, helping students track down their textbooks for the fall semester.

The campus bookstore, housed in the Ichabod Shop, is now open for business.

The bookstore has organized textbooks according to subject. Within each subject, the books are further organized into courses, and then alphabetized by section number.  All a student needs to do is come in with their book list and pick out their books.  However, there is help available if the student needs it.

“We have staff that will help you pick up your books,” Kay Farley, director of the Ichabod Shop, said.

Pre-orders are available for pick-up from August 13-19. Students who did pre-order will need to go upstairs to the Vogel Room to pick up their books, a thank-you gift from the bookstore for pre-ordering and a packet of information with an attached coupon sheet for the bookstore.  A photo ID is needed to pick up pre-orders and only the student who ordered the textbooks can pick up his or her pre-order, unless prior arrangements with the bookstore have been made.

“The bookstore has always been very user friendly. When I have pre-ordered my books, pick-up has been hassle free,” Christina Foreman, a junior accounting major, said.

If a student rents a textbook, they will need to sign a contract agreeing to return the book by December 15, three days after the last day of the semester.  If the student fails to return the rental textbook, they will be billed with a replacement fee, which is the current selling price of the textbook.

If a student gets the wrong book by mistake, they can return the book by August 22 for a full refund.  They will need to present a receipt.  If a student drops a class, they will also need verification that they have dropped the class along with their receipt for the textbook(s). Students who drop classes have until August 29 to return their books.

At the end of the semester, students have the opportunity to sell back books that are going to be used for the next semester for 50 percent of the current, new selling price.

“So that $100 book, if it’s being used next semester, we’ll pay you $50 on that.  And if the book was $90 and now it’s $100, you’ll get $50 instead of $45,” Farley explained.

If a student puts the money they get from selling their books on their Icard, then they will receive an additional 10 percent.

“If you put in on your Icard, you’d get an extra 10 percent, you’d get 60 percent [total discount] back on that book,” added Farley.

When students sell their books back, they will also receive wooden chips that are good for $1 off every $10, before tax, purchase.  The chips can go toward anything in the Ichabod Shop, including textbooks.

The Ichabod Shop sells more than textbooks. They sell clothing, Washburn University merchandise, school supplies, flash drives and more.  They also sell Apple computers and will soon start selling Dell computers as well.  The Ichabod Shop also has iPads, iPad minis, and TI84 calculators for rent, purchase, or rent-to-purchase.

If a student has questions about textbooks, they can call Nate Dingman or Sara Unruh at the Ichabod Shop at 785-670-1049.