Welcome back Bods


Hey Ichabods! Once again it is time for another year to start. For all you fresh faces, welcome to Washburn. If you haven’t realized it already this is an amazing campus with so many wonderful activities to be involved in. There is hardly ever a dull moment on our Washburn campus, and if you think there is you are probably on the wrong side of campus.

That being said, there is no reason to have a dull moment here at Washburn. So why not get involved or get out of your comfort zone? There are so many organizations and services on campus that can connect you to where you feel like you belong. If I had never joined Student Media I would definitely still be that quiet and shy person who never did anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Joining Student Media has taught me that it’s OK to get out there on campus and support Washburn. After all, we all chose to come here for one reason or another. Why not make the most of it?

From Student Media, our members have branched out to organizations such as Greek Life, language clubs, Bonner Leadership, honor societies and Art Club. Getting involved helps you meet so many amazing people at Washburn, which has will open up so many opportunities and create memories that you won’t have without actually being a part of Washburn. This is a campus of opportunities and experience so take advantage of it.

Part of Student Media’s job is to help promote Washburn and let everyone know what is going on and off of campus. If there is anything you would like to hear or learn about let us know and we will do our best to cover it. This is a student organization and we are all about our Bods. We want to know all the interesting, different, silly and amazing things that are happening on this campus. Whether it be something your organization is doing, has done, or you just want to commend someone for doing something out of the ordinary that is what we are here for.

We are here to inform everyone where the golden spots of campus are. If you are having a dull moment kind of day then read the Review or check out our website. With a campus like Washburn there is no need to have a boring on-campus kind of day. Use your resources and get involved. It makes it so much easier to be connected with your campus.

Student Media is a great gateway to what is happening not only on campus but around the Topeka community as well. If you have an interesting story you want to share stop in the lower level of the union and let us know. Or pick up a copy of the Review every Wednesday to read about what is happening around you. College is a great opportunity. Don’t watch it pass you by. Get involved and get connected.