Heartland hosts Hot Rod Drag Week competition


The Hot Rod Drag Week competitors were put to a test starting Sept. 8 for a five-day drag racing competition at four different tracks. Over the course of four days on the road, more than 1,000 miles will be covered in the same car, with the same engine – all having the goal to become Hot Rod’s Fastest Street Car in America.

Some of the most amazing vehicles in the world will be on display as a few will even be able to run more than 200 mph in the quarter-mile in less than seven seconds. Come check out run after run by the most competitive machines around during Day Two of Hot Rod Drag Week taking place at Heartland Park.

It’s not just about clocking the quickest elapsed time on the strips; these drivers will also have to follow a specified route from city to city. The crew at Hot Rod will require photographic evidence from each entry that drivers are adhering to the prescribed route. Thus, drivers will be on the clock for five straight days and must remain alert to all rules.

To make this adventure even more difficult, competitors will not have the luxury of having chase vehicles or support from outside team members. Entrants can, however, tow their own trailers, within Hot Rod’s guidelines, of course, but they must work alone.

Admission is $10 for ages 13 and over.

Follow the action at Hot Rod Drag Week  2014 on Twitter using #dragweek14. Learn more about Drag Week at www.hotrod.com.