Police Reports, 09/24/14

September 15

5:44 – Informational Report, Intrustion Alarm, Memorial Union; Report Taken: Intrusion alarm at LLC and Union doors 2nd floor. Doors and buildings secure. Alarm reset on own.

September 15

10:00 – Offense Report, Theft, misdemeanor, Parking Lot 5; Report Taken: Individual reported that his license plate had been stolen.

September 15

12:15 – Information Report, Suspicious Activity, Living Learning Center; Report Taken: Student reported room changes while out. Confirmed that maintence had worked in the room.

September 15

14:20 – Offense Report, Theft, misdemeanor, Henderson Learning Center; Report Taken: Student’s locked bicycle was taken from bike rack, lock was cut.

September 16

19:20 – Information Report, Intrusion Alarm, Garvey Fine Arts Center; Report Taken: Confirmed accidental by officer unlocking door. Alarm reset.

September 17

20:40 – Informational Report, Fire Alarm, Washburn Village; Report Taken: TFD resonded and determined burnt food set off smoke alarm. Room vented, alarm reset.

September 18

23:23 – Information Report, Medical Call, Living Learning Center; Report Taken: Resident complained of possible stroke or anxiety attack. TFD/AMR responded. Transported by AMR.