Operation Adulthood: Five Major Reasons to Get Involved with Your Campus

Today’s post is about getting involved. Here are five major reasons to get involved with your campus:

1. Involvement Provides Experience in Teamwork and Leadership

This is the most fundamental reason you should get involved in college, especially if you were not as involved in previous school years. Participating in campus activities and organizations will help you to develop some very critical skills for the professional world. When the time comes for you to enter that world, the ability to work well on a team will be essential. Getting involved will get you to practice these abilities early. Through participating in an organization you will also develop better communication and interpersonal skills. You may even work your way up to a position of leadership.

2. Involvement Can Help You Earn and Maintain Scholarships

Many scholarships like to know how their applicants and awardees invest their time. They like to know that the award is going to a dedicated person who works hard and has a heart for their community. If you are investing in your community and your campus, you are likely to be considered a good candidate. Some scholarships will require you to volunteer and do extra service projects. Washburn has some great opportunities for involvement in the community that covers multiple fields.

3. Involvement with Campus Activities and Organizations Looks Good on Your Resume

Don’t forget to mention the different organizations and activities you take part in on your resume! Being an involved student can give your resume some extra pizazz. As participating in a campus organization can teach you skills in leadership and team work (as well as communication and community connections), employers will look for your areas of involvement and will likely bring it up in your interview. Your involvement on campus counts as professional experience too. So be sure to emphasize it and use it to make yourself stand out.

4. Meet More People by Getting Involved and Participating

This one is a given. By participating in campus and community activities and organizations, you meet people – lots of people! You may even meet people that you wouldn’t consider getting to know otherwise. Getting involved can broaden your horizons and give you experience in working with people of all types. That is an extremely important skill to have in the professional world, by the way. And hey, you just might make some new friends at the same time!

5. You Make Professional Connections in Your Community by Getting Involved

Lastly, getting involved in activities and organizations is the easiest way to make professional connections in your immediate area. Your campus community and the community surrounding it make up your first professional playground. Explore! Volunteer for something that’s a bit out of your comfort zone. Do it for the experience. Those first professional connections will act as your foundation for future careers and success. Get involved and get that experience early.

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