WU announcement September 24

Thursday, September 25 a U.S. Bank ATM will arrive on campus.  It will be located in the Memorial Union Lobby across from the Ichabod Service Center.  The CoreFirst ATM, in Stauffer Commons, will remain in place at least through April 2015.  Washburn Tech will receive a U.S. Bank ATM on Friday, September 26, outside the cafeteria, replacing the current machine.  


Washburn’s partnership with U.S. Bank began this past spring. You may have noticed the Washburn iCard has a new look and now has two magnetic stripes on the back. One of the magnetic stripes will continue to allow you to swipe for door access, add value and make purchases to your Bod Bucks account and access the Student Recreational and Wellness Center, Student Health Services and Mabee and Law Library.  The second magnetic stripe can be used for conducting U.S. Bank transactions.  Students, faculty and staff have the option to activate this magnetic stripe, if they choose to open an account with U.S. Bank. 


To activate your new iCard, visit one of the local U.S. Bank locations.  The closest locations to campus are 719 S. Kansas Ave., 1017 SW Gage Ave., or 434 SW Jackson St.


Click on link below for more information.



It is your choice if you want to trade out the old iCard for the new iCard. The current card will continue to work, just like it does today, if you do not want the new design and new banking feature.  If you wish to open an account with U.S. Bank, you will need to get a new iCard at the Ichabod Service Center, located on the first floor, Memorial Union. You also will have a new photo taken at that time. The Ichabod Service Center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.