Hall-WU-Ween costume contest

Cynthia Rose

The Washburn theater department make-up class created free make-up designs for all at 1:00 p.m., before the Hall-WU-Ween costume party.  Students and staff chose their ideas for Halloween make-up and theater students did their best to fashion spine-tingling faces for the holiday.

“We only offer this make-up course every two to three years,” said theater and women’s studies professor Sharon Sullivan.  “It’s a good opportunity to practice our make-up skills today. I like for students to have practice on others than just their own faces because they could end up doing others one day,” said Sullivan as she watched her students putting their skills to the test. “It’s a fun thing to do for the WU community.”

Some had their faces made up for fun or for the night’s activities and many became contestants in the costume contest.

“This was awesome, said Shirley McClendon, assistant chief of custodians, who was dressed and made-up to look like autumn. “He was very professional,” she said of Alex Laughlin a sophomore theater major.

“I’ve always loved the theater, said Laughlin “I’ve been doing this since high school.”

The Hall-Wu-Ween costume contest began at 2:30 p.m. in the Memorial Union dining area.

Winner for most creative costume went to Michelle Hernandez, senior biology major as “The Dark Queen.”

Scariest costume prize went to Ebola victim Bryce Korf who is a junior theater major.

Pop culture winner Maggie Clem, freshman art major, came as “Anna” from the movie “Frozen.”

Kent Van De Mark, a junior economics major won for worst costume. “I came as human mortality wrapped in the shroud of the modern age, otherwise known as the Grim Reaper.”

The most famous prize also went to the grand prize winner, Stephen Klein, sophomore journalism major, who came as Steve Jobs.