First tests: KC patient negative for Ebola


Ebola Virus

A resident of Kansas City, now a patient of The University of Kansas Hospital, does not appear to have Ebola according to a press conference by Chief Medical Officer Lee Norman.

The patient had been traveling in Africa as a medic on a commercial ship near Africa’s west coast was admitted into the hospital Monday with symptoms that could be related to Ebola or a host of other tropical diseases.

The next step in the process is to await results from the CDC itself, who has more sensitive testing equipment than the Omaha lab where the first tests were conducted.

Even though the first signs of a inevitable return to normalcy are present Norman vows that the stringent isolation and protection requirements placed on doctors and nurses will not let up until they have complete evidence that the virus cannot be contracted from this patient.

At this point is it believed that the patient has contracted some other contagious illness carried over from Africa. This means he will still be isolated, as many of these illnesses are contagious, but in a much less intense fashion.

Norman reports, “He is continuing to show some improvement. He still doesn’t feel great and he still has an underlying illness that is going to be requiring some attention but his fluids have been returned to normal and he’s getting more optimistic and just feeling more comfortable all the time.”