Washburn Horoscopes

What’s in the stars for Ichabod’s this week


This month is all about making your debut. Back to school is the perfect time to change your image and find your personal passion. Knowing who you are and what you want will be a perfect way to kick off your new solar year and the school year.


Since the start of school you haven’t been feeling the same. You want more out of life. You’ve realized your normal relationships aren’t cutting it. On Sept. 20 you’ll meet a new hottie at the Delta Gamma Pancake Feed. They’ll boost your mood just in time for your solar new year.


Until the 22nd the sun is in Virgo and you’ll feel the need to network. You’ll find yourself sparking random conversations with people you meet in the Memorial Union. This is the perfect time for you to make new connections for class and your career.


With the sun marching through Virgo you feel the need to be on top. You want to be number one in all your classes. This month Mabee Library will be your best tool to achieve what you want.


You haven’t been ready to let go of summer. This month you’ll really be battling the urge to travel. You’ll find your mind wandering instead of paying attention in your classes. This month you’ll explore the Study Abroad programs.


Dig deep, this month is all about finding what’s underneath the surface. Your emotions will be extra intense until the 22nd. Don’t be afraid to find out what’s really been bothering you.


Dynamic duos are your focus this month. You’ll be all about joining forces and doing what you can to create equitable ties. You need someone who balances you. Before the 22nd go to the SRWC to find your equal. You’ll both find the motivator you’ve been searching for.


After your summer of adventure you’re ready to get back into the swing of things. This month you’ll get involved both on and off campus to give your life structure again.


Until the 22nd your main focus will be about having fun and self-expression. This is the perfect time to own who you are and really find your place at Washburn.


Until now you’ve been a social butterfly, but under the Virgo sun you’ve been feeling homesick. Find things to surround yourself with that make you feel at home. This is a good opportunity to look into Greek Life if you really want to find your home away from home.


You’ve been holding back your ideas for way too long. The Virgo sun is bringing out your confidence to spill your ideas. Look into Student Media to help get your ideas out there. With your enthusiasm you’ll have the whole campus listening.


You’re all about finances and making that money this month. Break out of your financial shell and find a job on campus. There’s many opportunities at Washburn to find a job that fits your schedule.