Author seeks to redefine manhood, masculinity

Author Ryan Levis challenges traditional notions ofmanhood with “Make Sure Your Dick Doesn’t FallOff Before You Die Drunk And Alone.”

Mark Feuerborn, [email protected], is a freshman radiology major.

Ryan Levis is a man with a new take on masculinity and men’s health.

The Canadian author of “Make Sure Your Dick Doesn’t Fall Off Before You Die Drunk And Alone” has successfully acquired proper funding for his project to spread his new guidebook. Levis is a rising star in the campaign against domestic and sexual violence, both at home and in universities. His new concept behind raising awareness and curbing violent masculinity is what differentiates his work from others. The title of the book, along with chapter names such as “Every Man has an A-game. Where’s yours chubby?” can give an idea of the author’s spin on educating men about a better way to behave, and cultivate themselves to the best degree.

“The title plays on essential male fears – to die emasculated, drunken, and alone – and makes it very clear that the reader isn’t about to have a wishy-washy nagging healthcare experience,” said Levis “Every abusive ex should receive this book.”

Even before starting the book, Levis boasted an impressive resume. Aside from spending time as Vice President and Marketing Director to the Victoria Shakespeare Society, a Peer Supporter for the BC Schizophrenia Society and a Community Spread Worker, Levis is an actor, producer and firstmate on the boat Rhapsody.

Inspiration for the book came from the work Levis did in post-psychiatric care and from his frustration with the ineffective distribution of health resources.

“My inspiration came initially through my curiosity about why we haven’t got effective models for community-based economics,” said Levis. “I identified men’s conflict resolution skills to be the most significant barrier to futurist housing. Even before that my inspiration came from being a Shakespearean actor and producer. So, I picked what would be the best combination of all my skills which could do the greatest good; advocacy and entertainment.”

Levis is well aware that this is a big year for men’s health awareness, and that there are many subjects to address, both personally for males, as well as in their social interactions. His book tries to cover as many of those points as possible.

“While he [any male] reads the book he will be forced into many private conflicts, the point being for him to preemptively reconcile his unchecked, emotionally charged behaviors before he wrecks havoc in his community,” said Levis.

Levis also had some thoughts on events in the United States, both national and local. President Obama’s campaign against sexual assault, “Not Alone 2014,” is a campaign aiming to fight sexual assault in universities. The campaign wishes not only to crack down on sexual assault, but also remind victims of assault that they are not alone. Levis believes Obama’s campaign is succeeding.

“The universities are responding,” said Levis. “We are seeing an increase of institutional messaging about sexual assault prevention. I hope he has in place a system for gathering statistics on effectiveness. Presidential and campus initiatives require the support of the community and leaders like you and I to make this change stay.”

Levis also chimed in on the recent protests at Kansas University. Following a report released recently where KU officials declined to order a student accused of rape to perform community service after an investigation, a group of students at KU called the September Siblings created a video called “KU – A Great Place to Be Unsafe,” which condemned KU for mishandling assault cases and showed multiple survivors – whose identities were protected – describing their stories of assault. The video has since gone viral.

“I am glad that so many student unions are talking this up,” said Levis. “This is why I have been seeking allies in the university sphere.”

Ryan also wanted to pass along some advice to men in college right now, in the form of a useful phrase to help prevent them from making mistakes when courting women:

“How about we get together tomorrow, when we’re not so wasted? Who doesn’t love brunch?