Washburn student media offers employment opportunities

Student Media

            Washburn Student Media is an excellent way to get hands-on journalism experience and earn some money while you are at it.

            Student Media offers a variety of employment opportunities including areas in News, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Design and Advertising. There are currently five executive staff members who are all looking for assistance in their fields.

            Students interested in writing can write news stories about important current events that they attend. Those who are interested in sports can go to sporting events of their choice. Arts & Entertainment writers attend events such as plays, movies, and concerts and write reviews to share with the student body.  All articles are paid.

            There are also employment opportunities for those who are not strong writers. Those who don’t want to write can design pages or graphics for the paper, website and yearbook. Design staff is paid per design.

            Those interested in advertising can apply for the advertising assistant position or apply to be sales staff. The assistant position is salary-based and sales staff is paid per commission.