Giving thanks for holiday break and food

Kenzie McCoy

The winter is great for a couple of reasons, holidays and holiday breaks from school. It’s a time when student’s can stop eating microwavable food and stuff their faces with a few home-cooked meals. However, holidays are also a time to be thankful for family, friends, and the good things happening in life. For college students, those good things include getting a five day Thanksgiving break from classes and studying.

Thanksgiving break always seems to have great timing and momentarily relieves students from the dreaded week of finals, which is full of many last-minute assignments and melt downs. Thanksgiving break also can be utilized to a student’s best advantage because these days off can make for some useful study time or catching up.

“I’m thankful for Thanksgiving break because it allows me to see all of my family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while,” said Jessica Ferguson, senior, mass media major. “It also gives me a break from classes before I have to get ready for finals.”

For others, the break might be relaxing because their time is spent seeing family members, eating turkey, and catching up on missed television episodes. Netflix is sure to be well-utilized during holiday breaks. Everyone needs a break now and then, whether it be from homework, work, etc., and the winter breaks seem to serve everyone well.

“I’m thankful for the break because it’s so nice to have a break before things get incredibly stressful for finals and I’m very thankful for the holiday because it’s a time when everyone in my family is back in town and we get together and catch up,” said Sarah Watts, junior, social work major. “I also get to eat more food than any other day of the year.”

Even though a table full of stuffing and pumpkin pie is a time when people reflect on what they should be thankful for, the break from classes is also a thing to be thankful for in itself.