Washburn, Topeka Metro reveal new wheels

Washburn University and the Topeka Metro Transit Authority unveiled a new Ichabod-themed bus on Thursday, Dec. 11. The bus marks a partnership between the two that will provide free rides for students, faculty and staff.

Washburn students won’t be able to use the old “I missed the bus” excuse next semester thanks to a partnership between the university and the Topeka Metro Transit.

On Thursday, Dec. 11, Washburn president Jerry Farley and Susan Duffy, General Manager of Topeka Metro unveiled a new Ichabod-themed city bus that will provide free rides for students, faculty and staff.

The idea for the partnership came during the months of construction on 17th Street that saw city buses rerouted through campus. From there, Metro officials noticed a significant increase in Washburn students who relied on public transportation.

“We’ve been getting them to classes and finals on time and safely,” said Duffy.

During the official unveiling of the ‘Bod bus, Farley touted the benefits of free transportation for international students. Farley then credited Andy Vogel of the International House for putting together a Chinese-language video that gives tips on using the Metro.

The video can be found at this location.

The cooperation between Washburn and Topeka Metro is set to last for the next two years. Near-campus stops include two Washburn-themed stands and two limestone benches, all located on the 17th Street corridor.

“Seventeenth Street is the front door to Washburn,” said Duffy, regarding the location of the stops. “When you’re in this area, you know you’re in Ichabod territory.”